Duration: 3:30 hs.



Relive our most important days.
REGULAR TOUR: National Holidays – book in advance -.
DURATION: 3:30 hs.
In Argentina there are two dates that marked our history.
May 25th of 1810: almost 200 years ago, in Buenos Aires, a true historical event occurred that would mark the path towards Argentinean independence. The Spanish Empire was losing power in Europe and its colonies began to reveal.
July 9th of 1816:Argentina declared its independence. The Spanish colony was left behind. A new nation was born under the leadership of our Liberator, José de San Martín.
In this tour, we try to relive that past of struggles, battles, betrayals, and victories.
Introductory video - Parque Lezama – San Telmo – Historical National Museum – Defensa Street – Plaza de Mayo – El Cabildo de Buenos Aires – La Catedral – La Casa Rosada (goverment house) - the “Museum of the Bicentenary”, Santo Domingo’s Church - Manzana de las Luces - Av. de Mayo – Plaza Congreso – National Parlament -.
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