FREE TOUR: DOWNTOWN | Traces of our history
AVAILABILITY: Monday and wednesdays (11:30 am.)
LANGUAGE: English and spanish
MEETING POINT: In front of "Café Tortoni" (Av. de Mayo 825)
DESCRIPTION: Colonial times, revolution and independence - Perón and Evita – Military Dictatorship – Mothers of Plaza the Mayo – “Cacerolazo”, economical crisis, popular demonstration on december of 2001– Avenida de Mayo and Plaza de Mayo, downtown of BA.
MAIN TOPICS: Buenos Aires is a city with a vast history and with a very active social and political life. This tour begins with Evita and Peron’s speeches, continues with the “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo” claims against dictatorship, and ends with the 2001 revolt that caused the resignation of a president. While visiting and observing streets, parks, buildings, sounds and graffiti, you will learn what happened during the last 70 years and of today’s political and social lifestyle.
1st part of the Tour: FREE (we work on tip basis)
DURATION: From 11:30 am. to 1:00 pm.
ITINERARY: Av. de Mayo / Av. 9 de Julio / Old Jesuit Monastery called "Manzana de Las Luces" / General Roca´s Monument / Metropolitan Cathedral (General San Martin´s Mausoleum) / Plaza de Mayo / "La ronda de las Madres" (place where "Mother's of Plaza de Mayo" walk since 1977) / House of Goverment ("pink house")

2nd part of the Tour: AR$ 200 (optional, for everybody that realy enjoyed the 1st part and want to continue the day discovering Buenos Aires with CULTOUR!)
DURATION: From 1:00 pm. to 3:00 pm.
ITINERARY: Traces of the 1955 bombing in Plaza de Mayo / Building of the General Confederation of Labor (C.G.T.) / "Ezeiza’s” Mansion (old “conventillo” where "Tango" started) / A walk along San Telmo’s streets / Plaza Dorrego / Includes a BEER to relax and ask the guides any other tip or advise of the city
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